Tips To Get the Best Ipe Wood Retailer in the USA

Ipe wood is known for its olive brown to black color, with variegated striping, and fine to medium, straight to irregular grain. It is among the hardest woods that is extremely popular decking material in Europe, America, and Asia. Ipe beams can be used in commercial and residential applications, and its versatility is due to its natural resistance to fire, scratching, termites, fungus, and mold growth. An ipe decking can usually last for more than a century without using any preservatives. If using ipe wood makes sense for your decking project, here are tips that will ensure that you can get genuine materials from a reputable retailer in the USA:

  • Buy from a Brazilian wood specialist – Ipe is also known as ‘Brazilian walnut’. Look for a retailer that specializes in ipe decking and timbers, with local contact details. This way, you can easily get in touch with the retailer to learn more about their products. Reputable retailers have low overhead costs, so they can pass the savings to you.
  • Examine the quality of the wood – Look up the reputation of the retailer and read reviews or testimonials about them. This way, you can tell if they can truly provide premium grade ipe wood with minimal bowing or imperfection.
  • Ships throughout the US – Choose a retailer that can ship to anywhere in the US. Make sure that they can deliver ipe wood directly to your job site.
  • Specified lengths – Reputable wood retailers understand that no deck design and build are alike, so they accept orders of ipe wood in specified lengths. This way, you can eliminate waste and get better value for your money.
  • More than ipe wood – Some of the best ipe wood retailers sell accessories and tools that can make it easier and quicker to build your deck. These include fasteners, specialty products like furniture and rain screen sidings, railings, screw fasteners, and hidden fasteners. Buying these items from the same retailer eliminates the need to shop around for other stores.

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