Know More about Ipe Decking and Cumaru Decking Supplier in the US


If you are looking for durable material for outdoor applications, then you should consider looking into Brazilian hardwoods like Ipe and cumaru. Premium grade Ipeand cumaru decking from reputable suppliers ensure the highest-quality materials that can add value to your home and ensure that your luxurious deck can last for generations. Ipe is also known as Brazilian walnut or ironwood in the US, and it is among the hardest woods around. Cumaru is expected to last for at least two decades or more, and it is naturally biodegradable and environmentally friendly for outdoor applications.

When choosing a supplier, go with a company that specializes in selling Brazilian hardwoods in specified lengths. Consider a supplier with years of experience in working with people who construct wood docks and decks. This way, you can be sure that the company can understand your needs and requirements for boards in specific lengths. . If you get confused, the reputable supplier can answer further questions and guide you online or by phone.

It is better to buy Ipeand cumaru decking from a supplier that can provide high-quality accessories, too, so you do not have to look further for additional materials and building supplies to create a luxurious hardwood deck. For instance, if you are using ipe hardwood, consider looking into high-quality railing and post caps for an elegant look. Specialty clips are manufactured for ipe decking, too. There are suppliers that sell screw and hidden fasteners and specialty tools.

Be sure to buy Ipe and cumaru decking supplies and materials from a supplier that responsibly harvests the wood. Sustainably harvested wood complies with the Lacey Act. Hence, you can be sure that you are purchasing high-quality decking materials that will not greatly harm the environment.




Showcase the Beauty of Your Deck by Using Tigerwood Decking


Tigerwood is among the finest and most sustainable hardwoods available for flooring and decking. It has a delightful light golden brown to a luscious reddish brown coloring, accented by exotic streaks of black and brown, which many homeowners and designers look for to achieve a unique, elegant look. Tigerwood is extremely durable as it is naturally resistant to rotting and decay. This gives your hardwood floor, decking, or sliding as long as a 30-year lifespan, even without preservatives.

When shopping for tigerwood, choose a supplier that follows responsible and sustainable harvesting methods to ensure the preservation of this renewable resource. Tigerwood is increasingly becoming a popular alternative to many other hardwoods because it offers many of the benefits of high-end materials (sometimes even more), at a fraction of the cost. Ideal for outdoor building projects, tigerwood is an absolutely great choice of material that offers a gorgeous natural color with the eye-catching aesthetics of natural wood grain.

Plastic/synthetic composites and imitations don’t come close to the beauty of the real deal, so instead of wasting your investment on imitations, choose natural, responsibly harvested hardwoods that offer long service life. Tigerwood is an excellent alternative to teak and other expensive hardwoods, ideal for creating flawless decking, siding, and flooring. It can be used for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, allowing for great flexibility and versatility. In addition to its natural beauty and low-maintenance characteristics, tigerwood also offers benefits like resistance to fungus and mold, unlike composites. This is true even when the wood isn’t treated with preservatives. Tigerwood is also naturally slip-resistant, making it an even more ideal choice for flooring and decking applications. If you want a biodegradable, eco-friendly, durable, and low-maintenance option that will last a lifetime, consider tigerwood for your decking needs.