Cumaru Wood: An Eco-Friendly Solution for Exterior Decking

Cumaru wood is an excellent solution for your exterior decking. This type of material is usually brought in fromCumaru plantations, making it the more sustainable choice. Here are just some of the many reasons Cumaru wood is an eco-friendly choice for decking:

  1. Amazing life span – When you use Cumaru wood for your interior and exterior decking, you probably won’t need to replace it for a long time. Cumaru wood is extremely durable and strong. It can resist moisture, so you don’t have to worry about your decking decaying or rotting.
  2. Natural oil – Thanks to the natural oil content of Cumaru wood, there is no need to use harmful chemicals to get rid of termites. Cumaru wood is naturally resistant to termites as well as other insects. The wonderful makeup of Cumaru wood also means you won’t need other materials such as varnishes and other chemical substances to ensure your decking is spick and span. In fact, if you need to clean Cumaru wood, all it needs is pressure wash or common deck cleaner. There is absolutely no need for harmful house cleaning materials.
  3. Insect and decay resistance-Cumaru can easily last for decades as it is so hard that insects cannot attack it nor weather rot it.   A Cumaru deck will be an asset when you sell your home.

    Cumaru is on the pricier end compared to other materials but just think of the long-term advantages and benefits. You can save a lot of money when you opt for this top quality choice. Hire an experienced and qualified contractor to install your interior and exterior Cumaru wood decking.

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Cedar Wood Decking – Value and Appearance

One of the most commonly used softwoods is cedar not only because it is widely available and sustainable, but also because of it is superior in terms of value and appearance. Here are some factors that make cedar wood suitable for outdoor decking and similar applications:

  1. The appearance of Cedar wood is distinctive, characterized by a pleasant dark to light brown color with irregular stripes and streaks of black and chocolate brown. These hues complement the fine and even texture of this wood. Applying UV-blocking finishers sporadically to cedar after installation keeps it from eventually losing its vibrant colors and delays the darkening process caused by aging.
  1. With respect to its value, there are a few characteristics that make cedar wood superior:
  • Cedar is a natural rot- and decay-resistant wood. With the aid of its distinct smell, it can withstand or repel organisms such as termites, moths, and other insects. Although all types of wood eventually disintegrate, cedar is known for its slower rate of decomposition.
  • Cedar wood is very easy to work with. Its fine and even texture makes it very resistant to splitting caused by fasteners when cut. This wood is an extremely good choice for building closets, chests, lockers, boards, etc.
  • Cedar only needs a preservative to maintain its color and appearance. Wood decaying organisms are naturally repelled by an extract that is organically produced and emitted by cedar wood. It is easy to maintain, which means lower overall costs in the long run.

If you intend to buy some Cedar wood, look for a store that can supply you with the quantity that you need. The best traders can produce and deliver all kinds of sizes in cedar lumbers, timbers, shingles, boards, shakes, and beams.

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