When you think of cedar wood as a construction material, the warm scent of cedar made closets and cabinets are the first thing that comes to mind. But there is more to this material than what meets the eye. Remarkable in its strength and durability, cedar is also a great choice for creating outdoor installations in your property including decking and patios. It is a wonderful wood type to work with and offers a very natural look that will blend in perfectly with your surroundings. Let’s explore more reasons why cedar wood is considered to be one of the best wood for decking.

  • Cedar is known for its dimensional stability. This means that the weather, sunlight, humidity and temperature conditions do not have much of an effect on its structure. Warping under the influence of the elements is not a problem that you will face with cedar.
  • It is a light, porous type of wood that stands up against moisture, rot, decay and insect damage. It is also noise absorbent which means you can use your cedar decking conveniently without the fear of disturbing the rest of your household with the sound of your footsteps.
  • It has a fine, straight grain with a uniform texture that makes it easy to cut, saw and nail. Fashioning outdoor decks with cedar wood will actually be quite an easy undertaking. You can use a variety of different stains and paints with cedar to give it the look and feel that you desire.
  • Cedar requires reasonably low maintenance. Application of a UV block finish and regular staining from time to time will keep your cedar wood decking as good as new for many years to come. Re-staining or re-painting is required only on a semi-annual basis.
  • Its natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties ensure that you can leave it untreated outside for many years without the fear of damage.

Cedar is a terrific building material for use in outdoor decking and patios.

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Lush golden hues beneath your bare feet on a warm summer evening – is what every home owner harbors when they are planning to get an outdoor deck constructed. And it is only Grapa wood that can make this gold, shimmery dream of an outdoor deck come alive with style in your backyard. The warm golden tones of Grapa will make your outdoor deck an oasis of tranquility and comfort that you can enjoy whenever you like. Need more reasons? Here is why you should consider Grapa wood decking for your home:


Just like its Brazilian counterparts, Grapa too is an unbelievably hard wood that can easily surpass the common maple and oak varieties in terms of strength and resilience. Its hardness on the Janka scale is measured around 2280 lbf. It won’t buckle under pressure and will last you for many decades to come.


Considering how hard this wood type is, Grapa actually sits proud and keeps away termites and other wood destroying organisms as they lose in every attempt of eating away at the wood’s surface. Fungus, rot and decay also stay far away from this wood, making it perfect for use in outdoor decking installations.


Considering the natural resilience that Grapa possesses, you won’t have to worry about the care and maintenance of your backyard deck either. Plus, it is scratch resistant (due to the unique hardness characteristic that it possesses). Just a hearty coat of a UV blocking finisher is all that is required to keep Grapa decking in a condition as good as new.


Of course, the rich, golden hues of Grapa are one of the most important reasons why you would consider using it as a decking material for your property. Its honey yellow color with a subtle ribbon like aspect gives it a truly unique appeal for use in home installations.

What more can you ask for. Get Grapa wood decking for your backyard today!

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Know Cedar Lumber and Its Advantages

When it comes to woodwork and flooring for homes, Cedar lumber is definitely the more expensive option as compared to other types of wood. But its remarkable benefits make it worth spending the extra money. Perfect for use in all kinds of applications, you will find cedar wood being used in home sidings, fencing, shingles, gazebos, decking, doors, windows, blinds, shutters and a whole lot more. It happens to be the most versatile type of wood for residential use and offers a series of advantages over other wood varieties. Let’s explore:

Cedar trees grow in the Pacific Northwest where they are regularly subjected to harsh weather, damp, rot, insects, fungus and other destructive elements. And to combat it all, these trees have developed a natural defense mechanism that helps keep the structural integrity of the wood intact. As a result, cedar lumber is rot, insect and even termite repellant – making it one of the strongest wood varieties to be used for outdoor home construction.

Cedar wood is also well known for its remarkable dimensional stability, which means its shape will not be warped by the effects of the weather, humidity and temperature. It has a beautiful, grained appearance that is easy to paint and stain. Its porousness allows for better noise insulation, plus it is extremely lightweight which makes it easy to use in a variety of applications. All of this, combined with its ability to stand up against moisture, rot and damage, make cedar the most reliable wood for use in home construction.

What more can you ask for!

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Decking Made With Tiger Wood with Stand the Test of Time and Element

Spring is sweeping in, and now it is the perfect time to enjoy the balmy summers in your backyard! Intrigued? We are talking about the beautifying effects of tigerwood decking used for decking options residentially and commercially. It is cent percent true said that tigerwood decking is one of the most cost-effective decking that withstands harsh climatic conditions, and still maintains the charm and glee of the space. For exterior projects and a couple of entryways and backyards, tigerwood is considered to be quite a successful and reliable decking material. There are many more benefits that you should know about tigerwood decking, read on to know more:

It is also known as Goncalo Alves and is one of the finest hardwood with natural light golden brown to reddish brown color with some exotic brown and black streaks. This makes it quite admired hardwood for your backyard and open spaces.

It is resistant to rot and decay that protects the deck from fungus and mold decays. It’s 100% natural surface rots all on its own laughing on termites, in turn maintaining the life of your backyard.

If you are thinking to remodel your backyard or patio then tigerwood is the perfect decking material as it will give idyllic beauty and magnetism to your space. Also, it is a retreat for durability and reliability factors. What’s more to ask in a decking material?

The rarity of tigerwood and the unmatched uniqueness makes it a visual delight for homeowners. Also, it can be shipped at your doorstep unlike any other decking material.

The brilliance and outlandish benefits of exotic tiger wood decking is the best choice for contractors and homeowners. Get your quote today!

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Use Ipe Deck to Give a Touch of Lavish Style to Your Homes

Wooden flooring, without a doubt, elevates the elegance of any space it adorns. There is no questioning the charm of a wooden floor when it has been chosen with care. On the same note, there are many varieties of wood available that offer different properties and colors as flooring options. If you are looking for something truly fancy and uptown, use ipe deck to give a touch of lavish style to your homes.

There are many reasons that make ipe decking the prettiest and classiest of all the decking materials out there. The first reason is its appearance itself. Ipe is a wood that has very fine grains and a heavy, dark brown look. A finished ipe deck would retain this dark color for a long time. If your color theme does not allow for a dark flooring, you can leave your ipe deck unfinished. This will result in the wood becoming a sophisticated silvery-grey in color, giving your home a regal appearance.

Ipe is a decking material that combines style with insane durability. This combination is hard to get. With ipe decking, you can ensure lasting beauty for your house. This wood easily lasts up to fifty years with minimum to no treatment.

Apart from these factors, it is the final look that ipe wood gives to your house that makes the statement. With a smooth appearance (which can be matte or glossy) and intricate patterns arranged out of the planks, your deck will be set to exude an air of deluxe flair.

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Exotic Hardwood Floors – 5 Elite Species for Your Home

Wooden flooring is perhaps the most sought-after flooring that every home owner aims for. It gives a charm and panache to the inside environment, which makes the dwellers feel very cosy and secure. There are many flooring materials available in the market, out of which wood is the most loved. Woods, too, are many in number – some are more commonly available while others are exotic. In this blog we shall discuss exotic hardwood floors – five elite species that you can select for installation in your home.

Species #1: Mahogany

Mahogany is perhaps the most celebrated wood for flooring and furniture – EVER. As flooring, this wood is extremely durable and water-resistant. It is a dense wood and has good acoustics. Each foot of this wood costs around ten to twenty dollars. It is suitable for use indoors and out.

Species #2: North American Cherry

Cherrywood is a beautiful, elegant wood which is close-grained and very smooth. It is a highly variable wood when it comes to colours, offering a range from natural cherry to almost black. Although highly attractive, it is unsuitable for use in areas with heavy traffic and sunlight, as it is soft and reactive to sunlight. Living rooms and dining rooms are the most suitable areas for this wood.

Species #3: Hickory

With the most stunning appearance in terms of colours and patterns, hickory is emerging as extremely lovable in flooring. For people with rustic tastes, this is the perfect wood. It is also an extremely hard wood with beautiful grain patterns, suitable for use in hallways, kitchens and foyers.

Species #4: Walnut

The elegance of a walnut floor is unparalleled. Its dark, smooth, molten-chocolate appearance makes it a very sultry and delicious flooring to install at homes.

Species #5: Rosewood

Rosewood has a highly distinctive pattern, and its fragrance adds a flair of elegance to the house. It is suitable for installation in living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens.

There are many other flooring options available, ready to be grabbed. Do your research properly!

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