How To Identify Original Tigerwood Decking

The natural beauty, strength, and durability of tiger wood makes this style of decking highly popular for outdoor projects. Making sure a purchase is genuine, original tiger wood before paying out the price, however, can be important. Fortunately, there are some ways to make certain the tiger wood decking being considered is authentic.

To identify original tiger wood decking before paying the price this exotic hardwood commands, look for these telltale signs:

  • The colors – Tiger wood decking should have a deep orange to red background color. This should be offset with veins that are very dark brown. It’s not uncommon for stripes to be so dark they appear black.
  • The stripes – As the name suggests, tigerwood very much resembles the animal. That means the darker colors that offset the reddish orange should appear like a tiger’s stripes. Authentic tiger wood, much like the creature, will have unusual stripes that are in no way uniform from board to board.
  • The consistency throughout the boards – To ensure that tigerwooddecking is truly authentic, make sure to look at the edges of the planks. The stripes and rich colors should carry through each board.

When selecting tigerwood decking, make sure to work with a reputable retailer who specializes in exotic hardwoods. The best tend to also offer other options such as Ipe, cumaru, and garapa. A specialty in hardwoods is preferred in a retailer because expertise is required to ensure that decking materials are properly shaped and assembled to allow for easier installation.

Aside from its natural beauty, tiger wood decking is a preferred choice for many outdoor projects for these reasons and more:

  • Its strength – Tiger wood is favored by many because it is harder than maple or even oak. This makes it tremendously durable for outdoor applications.
  • Its resistances – Tiger wood has natural resistances that make it an exceptional choice for outdoor uses. This type of wood is naturally resistant to rot and mold growth. It is also highly undesirable to termites, which is always a plus for decking.

Tiger wood decking makes a discerning choice for outdoor projects. This hardwood is naturally durable and damage resistant, which makes its natural beauty even more appealing.

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