Precautions To Take When Cleaning & Polishing Cumaru Decking

Creating an outdoor deck that is intended to last while holding its beauty calls for the right materials. Cumaru is fast becoming that choice for many American builders. Adored for its beauty, durability, and environmental benefits, this alternative to Ipe is typically much less costly because it grows at a faster rate than other popular Brazilian hardwoods without losing the performance properties that make it a solid choice for outdoor use.

While Cumaru can be counted on to perform for 25 years or more once installed, even without preservatives, there are basic maintenance steps that should be considered. To ensure Cumaru decking maintains its beauty, be sure to do these things once it is fully installed:

  • Keep it debris free – Cumaru, like other Brazilian hardwoods, is highly resistant to rot, decay, and insect infestation even after being cut down and formed into decking. Even so, keeping the surface free of debris can help maintain its natural beauty and help prevent any staining. Regular sweeping of the surface with a standard broom or push broom is all that is required.
  • Clean it occasionally – A mild soap-and-water solution can be used to occasionally clean the decking surface. Be sure to avoid harsh chemicals and overly abrasive pads or scrubbers.
  • Do not use pressure washersCumaru decking is highly durable, but it can be damaged by the sandblasting effects of a pressure washer. Instead of using such a heavy force to clean the decking, a standard hose with a spray attachment will suffice. Pressure washer strength can cause damage on the fiber level.
  • Consider a UV blocking finish – Cumaru decking does not need preservatives to maintain its durability, but the right finish can assist with maintenance of color. A UV blocking finish can help maintain the wood’s natural color. If left unfinished, Cumaru will gradually turn a silver gray color with age.

Cumaru decking is designed to last for decades without losing its effectiveness. To maintain its natural beauty, put a standard maintenance routine in place. Basic sweeping and cleaning are all that is required to ensure lasting durability. To preserve the wood’s rich color, a UV blocking finish will prevent graying as the years pass. Once installed, this distinct alternative to Ipe will provide years of reliable use while holding onto its beauty.

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