Few Unique Ways of Decking a Trailer

Decking on trailer is a lot different from traditional decking requirements. Trailer decking wood requires to be affordable and durable to better suit the requirements. While most of the hardwood may actually be suitable for use as trailer decking material, some varieties are a lot more suitable than others. Apitong truck decking is considered as most suitable for trailer truck bed decking. Here is a good look at Apitong wood and its suitability as trailer decking.

Extremely durable heartwood

The Malaysian variety of Apitong is considered to be the best globally when it comes to trailer decking material. The heart wood is durable, resistant to fungi and termites. With a very high density, and its quality of being strongly resistant to moisture makes it a wonderful choice for trailer decking material.

Janka hardness scale

This south east Asian variety of hardwood scores a high 1390 on the janka hardness scale making it ideal for trailer decking.  Trailer decking is a lot different from conventional home decking because of the need to have planks that support people and objects during transit. Trailers are also expected to be parked in rugged terrain with thick undergrowth, which may cause moisture and WDOs to attack the wood. Apitong wood is most suited for trailers because of its ability to fight moisture and WDOs.

Lesser shrinkage

Trailer decking will turn disastrous if the wood shrinks over time. Apitong Keruing is known to remain dimensionally stable and not shrink. This makes it safe to use on trailers. With better dimensional stability it is possible to design the right size of boards and outfit the trailers without any problems. This is the primary reason why Apitong wood preferred by truckers for heavy duty truck beds are ideal material to protect trailers.

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