Modern Brazilian Teak Decking Ideas

Brazilian Teak also known as Cumaru belongs to the species of Dipteryx Odorata. Considered as one of the world’s premier exotic flooring options, Brazilian teak has the most vivid colors. Golden brown mahogany red and similar hues of the Brazilian teak offers homeowners with a durable and attractive decking option. Here is what you need to know about Brazilian Teak wood

Harder than other varieties of teak.

Brazilian Teak decking is three times harder and durable than Burmese Teak which is more expensive. Brazilian Teak decking offers an ultra-low maintenance decking option that makes it a lot more appealing while remaining durable. Teak wood on decking needs to be hard to handle the vagaries of nature it is exposed to constantly. Decking wood should handle heavy footfalls and furniture without compromising on aesthetic appearance. With a rating on the janka hardness scale of 3540, it qualifies as one among the hardest decking wood.

Stunning colors to increase appeal

The medium tan to reddish brown shades of Brazilian Teak make it a wonderful design platform permitting designers and decking installation specialists to work on designs to make them look a lot appealing and attractive. The colors make the wood suitable for furniture also, which goes to prove the suitability of the wood for enhancing the visual appeal of the wood. In combination with other shades, it is possible to create a fabulous design wherever it is used.

Innovative designs for decking

Brazilian teak offers options for innovative designs. For instance, the dark shades of boards can be used to form a neat border encompassing lighter shade wood. Or a center pattern can enhance appeal greater. This could be in the form of sharp and clear shapes of squares or quadrilaterals to occupy the centre stage of the decking.

With innovative designs it is possible to exploit the appeal of Brazilian deck and create wonderful patterns which steal the limelight from other aesthetics in the residence. Combined with its ultra durability and hardness, Brazilian teak offers greater value for money when used as decking material in residences.

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