What Do You Mean by Brazilian Walnut Decking?

Brazilian walnut is primarily grown in Brazil, but it is also harvested in tropical regions like Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala, and Venezuela. These trees usually grow in rainforests, it can reach almost to the heights of 160 feet and diameters of six feet. Brazilian walnut is also called IPE, a Brazilian term. Here is what you need to know about Brazilian Walnut Decking. 

Brazilian Walnut Decking- “Premier wood decking”

A natural wood deck material which is preferred by industry and design professionals across the world. An extremely dense, tight grained wood with many benefits such as natural mold and decay resistance to superior strength.  Highest rating for termite and decay resistance.  The hardness of this wood is often compared to a baseball bat, just that the Ipe is three times harder than the bat with a Janka rating of 3680lb.

The uses of Brazilian Walnut Decking

Brazilian walnut can certainly be used as indoor flooring, but it is best for outdoor decks. In fact, it is also used as foot bridges, boardwalks, boat docks, railroad crossties, piers, dock, deck, table, and pergola. This marvel of nature can be used in many ways. Brazilian walnut decking consistently outshines any other decking material in the market.

The Advantages of Brazilian Walnut Decking

The wood comes in a deep rich brown colour with some parts displaying red and amber hues. When the rays of the sun hit a new Ipe deck it gives a reddish or greenish tint in some boards. There are no chemicals required to achieve these effects, the wood itself has this natural quality.

It is valued for its durability, beauty, and even its medicinal uses. The durability – As mentioned before, Brazilian walnut has a Janka rating of 3,680 this makes it one of the hardest and most hardwearing flooring and decking options in the market today.  Additionally, no WDOs like fungus or pine beetles can get into the wood as it is hard it is naturally scratch resistant.  It reduces the level of pesticides and harmful chemicals released into the environment. The Brazilian walnut is highly resistant to fire as well, further making it popular as a decking choice.

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