Everything You Need to Know About IPE Hardwood Decking

IPE is one of the most popular woods used for flooring and decking, mostly in residential projects. It is naturally hard, contains less moisture and is durable without maintenance, which is why people love it. Rain or shine; your deck will always look beautiful with IPE. The color it sports is a beautiful dark brown, which is probably the best and the most natural wood colors to have on a deck. Here is everything you need to know about IPE hardwood decking, in a nutshell.

Lasts long –

The first thing you need to know about IPE hardwood decking is that it is made to last long. It is one of the densest species of wood on earth and displays some important characteristics like resistance to fire, mildew, termites and insect infestations. As if this was not enough, this wood is known to show lesser expansion and contraction as compared to other woods. The surface is mildly rough, which is highly suitable for outdoor use.

Easy to maintain –

With wooden decking, what people worry about is its maintenance. With IPE, there is hardly anything the owner needs to do post installation. It is like one of those turnkey projects – just install and operate. The low maintenance property of IPE can be attributed to its density, which leaves little room for invasions. All the owner needs to do is clean the surface annually with hydrogen peroxide to clean the surface of deposits and grime.

Made strong –

IPE wood is naturally strong. It granular structure and mechanical properties make it a highly stable wood to use as decking. Go ahead – place all your patios on the deck, have a party. It has an excellent load rating and will not warp, crack or split.

IPE is a flexible and versatile decking option which will leave with nothing to complain about.

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