Few Important Facts About Brazilian Oak Wood

Brazilian oak wood, although available in fewer amounts in America, has become quite a popular replacement for the traditional red oak wood as a decking option. The fact that these two-wood species are strikingly similar in their color ranges works for the benefit of the public, simply because Brazilian oak proves to be more economical than red oak.

The Brazilian oak is a hardwood species which is highly suitable for use as an exterior deck. The reason is that of its displayed resistance to denting. On the Janka hardness scale, this wood ranks somewhere in the middle, at a rating of 1650. It is a good hardwood which is very stable and can be conveniently installed and forgotten on your deck.

A Brazilian oak wood decking can support normal footfall, thus can be called suitable for residential applications. Your deck will exude a gorgeousness in blondish reddish hues when you invite people over for a barbeque or a Sunday roast. The best part is that this hardwood puts up a fair fight against stains, leaving nothing for you to worry about during your feasts.

The unfinished surface of this wood has medium luster. The grains are straight, which makes it have an attractive look. If you are a fan of warm colored woods, Brazilian oak is certainly a good choice for you.

Since it is not very high up on the Janka hardness scale, it may not be suited for commercial applications. However, whether indoors or outdoors on residential properties, Brazilian oak is bound to bring an eye-catching allure to your floors and decks.

Blog Source URL: http://www.abswood.com/blog/important-facts-brazilian-oak-wood/


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