Knowing About the Special Features of Brazilian Walnut Decking

If there is a popularity rating among woods used for residential decking projects, then Brazilian walnut beats all other kinds of wood. It has so many desirable properties in one package that it is hard to ignore it as potential decking option. Also known as Ipe, this wood is an exotic species, and is known to last the owner at least 20 years without adding any preservatives. Some dealers derive Brazilian walnut from responsibly reared forests, making them environmentally aware. Let’s explore more about this wonder-wood.

General properties –

Brazilian walnut is a dark colored wood. You will notice when you saw it; there is a greenish dust. Long logs can be extracted from this tree as it grows almost 150 feet tall. This wood is extremely popular as exterior decking in residential properties. Commercial establishments have also been known to use it as poolside decking. It is a highly durable species of wood, equally hard and stable. The fact that it is naturally resistant to rot, mold and mildew make the best kind of wood for outdoor use – the factor that adds the popularity factor to it. This wood is best when air dried. Warping and cracking are minimal.

Technical properties –

Brazilian walnut is one of the most desirable and versatile kinds of wood available on the market today. Below is a list of technical properties of Brazilian walnut for a better understanding of this wood.

  • Janka rating – 3840 pounds
  • Stiffness – 3140 1000 PSI
  • Strength – 25400 PSI
  • Density – 1025 kg/m3
  • Tangential shrinkage – 8%
  • Radial shrinkage – 6.6%

Brazilian walnut decking is a highly efficient option for outdoor decking. If you are considering decking, think Brazilian Walnut.

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