Top 3 Ways of Laying Brazilian Hardwood Decking

Brazilian hardwoods are perhaps the most popular species of exotic hardwood that are highly sought after for decking and flooring. People just love the durability and the color range that these woods give them, making them rank among the top favorite woods of the nation. There are many Brazilian hardwoods available in the market, each one as good as the other:

  • Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba)
  • Brazilian Oak (Tauari)
  • Brazilian Teak (Cumaru)
  • Brazilian Walnut (Ipe)

Mostly, people make up their minds on the kind of wood they want on their decks, but completely forget to decide a layout for it. Designing your deck is every bit as important as choosing the right wood – in this blog post, you will get to know about the top three ways of laying Brazilian hardwood decking.

Way 1: Geometry

Geometrical patterns have taken over decking designs like a tidal wave. Zig-zagging short planks running the entire length of the deck are highly popular. There can be many rows of zigzags or just one. Concentric squares are also highly popular – with contrasting wood colors.

Way 2: Brushed strokes

Art lovers find geometrical patterns too constricting for their tastes. These people choose the beautifully delicate look of laying their planks in straight rows, with contrasting colors next to each other, which makes it look like an artist’s brush stroke.

Way 3: Playing with colors

Some people want a warm or a dark color palette on their decks. They combine various species of wood for their colors and lay straight, long planks along the breadth or the length of their decks. This is the classiest type of design for a deck. It exudes a natural richness that is otherwise difficult to achieve.

Plan the design of your deck wisely!

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