How Professionals Install Apitong Trailer Decking?

Decking a trailer helps in prolonging its life as it gives more strength and durability. Having it done professionally will give you the assurance that all necessary steps are being taken as professionals will follow the exact process required to deck a trailer properly.

Here are the steps how professionals install a decking on a trailer:

  1. Measure the length, width and middle of the trailer.
  1. Cut the first piece of the lumber for fitting. If the side being cut has a raised wheel well, measure the other side of the wheel well and cut another lumber piece to fit. Sand the wood ends to remove sharp edges and to protect your hand from getting splinters while loading and unloading the trailer.
  1. Drill two holes on either ends of the lumber using a ½-inch paddle bit. For avoiding the slipping of the wood, drill 1 inch from the ends. Mark and measure the center supports on the trailer and then mark it on the wood. Drill 2 holes in the lumber for matching the location of these center supports.
  1. Put the first board at the corner of the trailer. Now use a ½-inch metal drill bit instead of the paddle bit. Use the holes in the lumber and drill through the metal in the trailer frame.
  1. Place the carriage bolts in the holes and tighten the nuts.
  1. Follow the same process for installing the boards along the width of the trailer. Leave about ¼-inch gap between the boards as drainage and expansion gaps. Cut all the pieces of lumber to fit, and then drill the pilot holes to attach the wood on the trailer using carriage bolts.

Follow these steps to achieve a good trailer deck.

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